The Dominion Ministry


Stephanie Dixon is a proud member of The Dominion Ministry and our group is now an affiliate. Please, go to their website to learn more about their work. We are very honored and excited to be a part of The Dominion Ministry family.


Stephanie’s Debut on Cafe Enigma

Listen to the true and spooky tales of the Cafe Enigma panel from Dreagus Productions with a creepy story from our very own Stephanie Dixon.
Click the link below to hear the show!

Cafe Enigma: Spooky Tales October 26, 2016 by Dreagus Productions

The Paranormal Chronicles February 27, 2016

I, Stephanie Dixon, will be a return guest on The Paranormal Chronicles on Talkshoe hosted by our trusted colleague Dale Vokurka of MOPRS! I’m looking forward to it. It’s always interesting and a blast. Last time we had a government conspiracy guy call in, it was very entertaining. If you all want to tune in, it’s free, and it’s Internet accessible. I’m the only female on the panel, again, always fun!

Special guest Brandon Kreitzer he is The Paranormal Road Warrior and founder of The PAST Family Network

Other guests Jeff Fent, Marcus Haug, and Allen Mellinger

February 27, 2016 9pm EST

The Paranormal Chronicles on Talkshoe